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  • Are you Aware of the Changes in Data Privacy Regulations?

    Are you Aware of the Changes in Data Privacy Regulations?

    On the 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced. 

    Companies who monitor or hold customer data without their consent, could face heavy fines. Personal data includes: a name, an email address and posts on social networking websites.

    Get in touch with us today, for guidance regarding GDPR and how we can help you meet the new regulations.


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  • Battle of the Christmas adverts

    Battle of the Christmas adverts

    It appears it's that time of the year again, where major retailers bring out their anticipated Christmas advert to grab the nation's attention. You're always guaranteed to shed a tear with the John Lewis advert, but does Moz the Monster really prevail over the nation's favorite bear 'Paddington Bear' who appears in M&S's Christmas Visitor. It's up for discussion but ultimately, both are great marketing campaigns! Check the adverts out for yourself here.... John Lewis  /  Marks & Spencers

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  • WeTransfer launches a new app to make sharing simple

    WeTransfer launches a new app to make sharing simple

    WeTransfer have launched a brand new app which gives users a platform to collect and share content such as videos and documents from a single place on their smartphones. The key features of the new app allow users to organise their content on 'Pinterest-style' boards, which are unlimited in size and can be shared within the app with other channels. We think it could be quite useful, especially within the marketing industry. Mobiles and tablets are becoming more popular to deliver presentations to clients, so this is perfect if you're delivering a mood board etc. Read more about WeTransfer's latest project here.

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  • Schweppes roll out fresh new look

    Schweppes roll out fresh new look

    Schweppes have upgraded their bottle design to a more premium look, along with refreshing their brand. The price of Schweppes over other products sat on supermarket shelves is higher, so it makes sense to target the luxury end of that market with a redesign. As they a predominately used as mixers, the new shape is said to be inspired by permium alcoholic bottles. The design looks fresh and modern, but does it make us think of champagne? We are not so sure, but what do you think? For more info see Design Week’s article HERE

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  • The colours of life

    The colours of life

    We love the idea of this new app called Cone. It identifies colours found in real life and converts this into a Pantone number. This would be perfect when trying to colour match, for drawing inspirations from colour combinations or when you just find that perfect colour.
    * Quickly downloads app * Unfortunately though, it’s currently only available for iphone users at present. For more info see The Dieline’s article HERE

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  • Science Museum rebrand fails to impress.

    Science Museum rebrand fails to impress.

    The Science Museum has just unveiled its new rebrand, but not everyone is happy. The new brand has moved far away from it’s 2011 D&AD award winning logo, which used a unique angular font, inspired by code to make it instantly recognisable. It instead follows the trend of clean and simple, but in this case was this the right move? We are not quite convinced, what do you think? Take a look at Creative Bloq's thoughts here.




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  • Our advert of the week is the hilarious Warburtons 'Pride and Breadjudice'

    Peter Kay stars in the hilarious new Warburtons advert which is set to hit our screens immediately! Marketing done the right way, what do you all think?

    You can watch the 'Pride and Breadjudice' advert here.

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  • Congratulations to Maltesers for winning the "Brand of the Year" at Masters of Marketing Awards!

    Congratulations to Maltesers for winning the

    Maltesers fought off the likes of Tesco, Brewdog, Just Eat and Amazon to claim the top prize, and was praised by the judges for achieving what is seen by some in marketing as the “holy grail – doing well by doing good”. Yorkshire Tea’s entry was highly commended.

    After winning Channel 4’s competition for £1m-worth of free commercial airtime during the 2016 Paralympics, Maltesers has built differentiation into its brand by putting inclusivity at the heart of its positioning. Its ‘Look on the Light Side of Disability’ campaign, which featured disabled people in everyday situations discussing awkward encounters and experiences, was Maltesers’ most successful in more than 10 years and grew the brand by 8%.

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  • Euro 2020's New Identity

    Euro 2020's New Identity

    The new UEFA Euro 2020 identity has been revealed with the new logo taking centre stage. The tournament will be held in thirteen cities in thirteen different European countries with the semi final & final games being held in London! As part of the design, it features a bridge depicted as “the universal symbol of connection.” We really like the simple illustration designs used, vectors, vectors, vectors!! Take a look for yourself here.

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  • Icons of British Design

    Icons of British Design

    The Rolling Stones lips logo is just one of many iconic designs to come out of the Royal College of Art in London. Ahead of an exhibition celebrating 50 years of their eye-popping graphics, the Guardian have picked out some of the standouts pieces from British graphic history here. It's really great to look through and see how styles have evolved and also gone full circle.

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