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  • Why SEO Will Help You Grow

    Why SEO Will Help You Grow

    What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is any activity that aims to organically improve a website search engine rankings. Google for example prioritises links to pages it sees as relevant and authoritative to a particular search term. Relevance is measured by content and authority is usually measured by looking at the number of links to sites from other pages.

    So how will it help your business? First of all, it'll make you a prominent result from engine searching which means increased visibility of your website. It'll drive more traffic because your customers can find it more easily. Targeted traffic to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other type of marketing.

    Our services include the following:

    • Keyword analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • On-page optimisation
    • Deep site optimisation
    • Valuable link building
    • Solutions for non-search engine compatible sites
    • Solutions for catalogue sites
    • Search engine submission
    • Optimisation for a re-brand
    • Position reporting

    We provide a fully comprehensive SEO service to our clients and guarantee to improve website hits. Did you know, we can also add SEO to your existing sites without having to rebuild them? If you're not experiencing sales enquiries with your current website, then why not give us a call today for a free SEO quote!

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  • Lewis Hamilton swaps F1 for a Cherry Picker

    Lewis Hamilton swaps F1 for a Cherry Picker

    Triple World Champion, Lewis Hamilton got to grips with a different kind of machine from what he's normally used to recently. The Mercedes driver was on hand to help operate a Cherry Picker supplied by one of our very own clients, 2Cousins. The celebrations were all part of Mercedes Constructors' title celebrations. Watch the full video here


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  • Unwrap an Adventure

    Unwrap an Adventure

    You might think it's a bit early, but here in the design universe we're already in Christmas mode. In fact, our campaign for Virgin Balloon Flights has already gone live! Check it out and let us know what you think…virginballoonflights.co.uk

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  • Euro 2020's New Identity

    Euro 2020's New Identity

    The new UEFA Euro 2020 identity has been revealed with the new logo taking centre stage. The tournament will be held in thirteen cities in thirteen different European countries with the semi final & final games being held in London! As part of the design, it features a bridge depicted as “the universal symbol of connection.” We really like the simple illustration designs used, vectors, vectors, vectors!! Take a look for yourself here.

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  • Simply Yours

    Simply Yours

    Rebranding complete for Simply Yours! Each one has a custom 'Y' designed to reflect the region and flavour of the grape varietal, what do you think? 

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  • Congratulations Anna!

    Congratulations Anna!

    We're thrilled to have Anna back as a full time member of our team. She first joined us back in 2014 for a placement year, before going back to Leeds Beckett University to finish the final year of her degree, where she graduated last month with a very well deserved 2:1 in Creative Media Technologies! If you need to speak to her nowadays, anna@thedesignbank.co.uk will do the trick.

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  • Friday Inspiration!

    Friday Inspiration!

    Channel 4 have launched their "We're the Superhumans" awareness campaign for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. It's funny, smart, and thought-provoking and we absolutely think you should check it out here. We can't wait for the games now! September 7th, see you there.

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  • Is Facebook advertising the future?

    Is Facebook advertising the future?

    Short answer? Yes.

    Long answer? Yes. It hit the headlines today that Facebook have tripled their first quarter profits from this time last year to $1.51bn. This is largely down to advertising revenues rising to $5.2bn, with more than 80% of that coming from mobile visitors. More and more companies are now reviewing their historical mainstream advertising and taking the leap into the world of social media and online advertising. Find out more here and give us a call on 01484 455554 to see how we can help you!

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  • Bullet Roof Protection

    Bullet Roof Protection

    This roof, baby, will be Bullet Roof. Huge congratulations to our client Towerflex on launching their brand new protective roofing technology! We've just finished designing two full wrap tins for them, photos of the end product to follow!

    Bullet Roof is designed as an ultra strength coating for buildings, offering 10 years protection with just one coat, and 20 years protection with two coats. We think that's pretty brilliant. Give them a shout if you think you need something similar for your property! towerflex.com/shop

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  • A New Perspective for Tog 24

    A New Perspective for Tog 24

    The Tog 24 Corporate Clothing website is they next dynamic web design project in the works for The Design Bank. For half a century Tog 24 have been making ski and outdoor wear for all sorts of climates and conditions, and now they're branching out even further providing quality bespoke gear for corporate, workwear, sports clubs, charities, and in fact anywhere your brand needs to get seen. That's where we come in. We've developed a state of the art, responsive website that showcases their services in a clean and clever manner. Coming to a screen near you soon! 

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